Low Initiatives


Low Ropes Challenge Course Initiatives

Group initiatives, also called teams courses or low ropes courses, are problems or obstacles that challenge groups both mentally and physically. These challenges require teamwork to be completed successfully. All participants must work together to accomplish the tasks and they act as safety systems for one another. These activities allow the trainer or facilitator to work right with the group, helping them deal with teamwork objectives, and preparing them for bigger challenges, such as a ropes course or the challenges found in the everyday world.

Here are three of the most popular initiatives that Experiential Systems builds and uses with groups:

The Wild Woosey:

  • Sometimes called the “trust walk”
  • Pairs of group members must walk the cables, and as the cables get farther apart, participants must work together to be successful.
  • Excellent for working on individual relationships, and how the team can support those relationships.
  • Click the images below for full sized photos and examples.

The Group Wall

  • A simple but awesome challenge: the group must get everyone over the wall safely.
  • Great for working on team planning skills and problem solving.
  • Can build confidence to take on greater challenges.
  • Click the images below for full sized photos and examples.

The Spider Web

  • Group must pass everyone from one side to the other through the web, without touching it.
  • A deceptively complex task, outstanding for working on team skills and planning.
  • Safety logistics are very important for keeping everyone safe.
  • Click the images below for full sized photos and examples.

Other Initiatives- The above are just three examples of ESI activities. Others include nitro crossings, incomplete bridge, zig-zag, t.p. shuffle, team-skis, bucking log,whale watch, all-aboard, and just about any adventure initiative. If you have an idea for a new activity we can help you design and build it.

Portable Activities- A surprising number of these activities can be built “to go”. Many professionals require activities that are light weight and portable, that can be transported to sites, set -up, and then taken away. We have designed and built activities just for this purpose.

Temporary-Group initiatives can be put up for a safe outdoor event and taken down with no adverse effects on the environment.